If you are interested in what Christians believe, here is a simple summary of some aspects of our faith.

We believe that:

Ø  the universe was created by a loving God;

Ø  we have a personal relationship with God and we should put our trust in Him;

Ø  there is life after death;  

Ø  we were each meant to have a life of amazing richness;

Ø  all humans are loved by God and have worth;

Ø  God showed His love for us by taking human form in Jesus Christ;

Ø  Jesus sacrificed his life but overcame death to take away the evil of our sins;

Ø  we should reject evil thoughts, words and actions that separate us from other people and God;

Ø  we should put our beliefs into action by helping others and treating; everyone in the way that we would like to be treated, ourselves;

Ø  we should treat the planet and its resources with respect;

Ø  we should meet together to worship and praise our God;

Ø  God has a plan for each person’s life;

Ø  our way of life has been shown to us through God’s word in the Bible.


What we do:

 Ø  Worship in services every week and include special services at Easter, Christmas and Harvest;

Ø  Pray on our own and together in our services;

Ø  Learn more about our faith through retreats / study groups / Sunday school;

Ø  Take encouragement from  each other;

Ø  Help others -  in our congregation, in our town and area (the homeless), in Manchester and Salford ( The Booth Project / Derian House/ Salvation Army) and in the rest of the world  (Fairtrade / missions giving / shoe box appeal);

Ø  Give regular financial support to the work and costs of running our church;

Ø  Provide opportunities for music performances (Friday concerts, brass band and other musical events);

Ø  Provide space in our Halls for local organisation’s events and activities;

Ø  Provide special church services for the town, the armed services, RSPCA;

Ø  Provide fellowship, friendship and support to fellow Christians and others;

Ø  Run social events (Fireworks party, pancake party, Easter Egg hunt, Lunches, Garden Party, walking group, annual Parish cricket match);

Ø  Run uniformed organisations (Beavers, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Scouts);

Ø  Encourage and develop a strong musical tradition in our services by running a choir school, and inviting others to join us for special performances of choral music.


Links on this site will tell you more about all these activities and give details of whom to contact if you want to know more or join in.