Brighouse & Rastrick Band with special guests Besses Boys’ Band

Saturday 5th October 7:30pm

Tickets can be purchased from the House on the Rock Café, or online by clicking the link

Brighouse & Rastrick Band

The Brighouse & Rastrick Band

 Current Champion Band of Yorkshire, The Brighouse & Rastrick Band is regarded by many as the best and most consistent ‘public subscription band’ in the world. In its time the majority of premier band championships have been held by ‘Briggus’, most recently becoming National Champion Band of Great Britain in 2017, whilst the band has also attracted a formidable reputation for highly entertaining concerts for both the general public and brass band connoisseur.

In addition to having a first class and formidable reputation for performing highly entertaining concerts of wide public appeal, the Brighouse and Rastrick Band has many other notable triumphs to its credit in the highly competitive contesting field, with their record of major championship victories since they first came to British national prominence during the 1920s being certainly impressive.

One extra ‘purple patch’ in this fine record came in 1998 when the Band held concurrently the English Masters, British National and European Championships, a unique ‘Triple Championship’, still not equalled today! Amongst the general public Brighouse and Rastrick is perhaps most popularly known for its famous 1977 hit parade success ‘The Floral Dance’ for which it won both Silver and Gold Discs for massive record sales and tremendous  national and international acclaim.

Very firm roots were re-established in the town of Brighouse in 1995 with the building and opening of its own ‘purpose-built’ West Ridings’ headquarters. Whilst maintaining their great traditions and continued quest for musical excellence, with over 138 years of proud history behind them, the Band is still fiercely financially independent and beholden to no-one other than itself.

Besses Boys’ Band

Besses Boys’ Band

Since forming in 1943 Besses Boys’ Band have won numerous Contest Championships and have performed locally, nationally and internationally with concert and competition success throughout Great Britain, Europe and Australia.

Initially a feeder band for the world renowned Besses O’th’ Barn Band the Boys’ Band was formed in 1943 to train young people in musicianship when senior players were deployed during the 1939/45 conflict. The boys’ band went from strength to strength and was soon at a standard to enter and compete in national contest. The band have since operated completely independently of the senior band for over 40 years and currently compete in the second section.

The band have had numerous television appearances, radio broadcasts and have performed to high-class figures, celebrities and her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Besses Boys’ Band represent Whitefield, the surrounding area and the County in National contest championships as well as continuing to encourage children to learn musical instruments, developing talent and performance skills.

Besses Boys’ Band has a strong community ethos and participate in many community and charity events. They have qualified for the National Brass Band Championship of Great Britain (sections 1-4) finals four times in the last decade and will represent the North West again in September this year.