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Chameleon Quintet (Wind)

Formed in October 2016, Chameleon is a group of musicians who met at the RNCM in Manchester. United by their ability to double/triple, they formed a group where each member performs on multiple instruments, often within the same piece. In their first year, Chameleon won the Trevor Wye Chamber Music Competition and were highly commended and won the audience prize for the Chris Rowland Chamber Music Competition. They were also awarded the June Emerson Launchpad Prize.

As there is no existing repertoire for Chameleon, they do their own arrangements and have just started to collaborate with orchestrators/arrangers/composers for future projects, meaning they can push the boundaries of typical wind ensembles, and experiment with new combinations of wind instruments.

Their setup is based on a traditional wind quintet, replacing French Horn with Saxophone, and each member is principally one of the other four instruments - Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon. Their unique range of doubling instruments also means they can transform from a wind quintet to a saxophone group during a piece.

The group have a keen interest in performance and outreach, bringing music to other people in both the concert hall and in the community.