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Calling all aspiring astronauts!  This summer the holiday club at Bury Parish Church is Space Academy, and it runs from Monday 25th to Friday 29th July.  We will be learning about the story of Daniel and his friends, and how God looked after them when they were in a foreign land.  We will have lots of craft, drama, games and fun, and if you would be interested in coming, please go to the holiday club page for more information!


We're used to having babies at Tiddlers, but they tend to be of the human variety!  However, on Thursday 2nd June, we had baby ducks come to visit, courtesy of Tracy Owen!  The Tiddlers loved watching and holding the ducklings, and we're very grateful to Tracy for bringing them along!



Rocky's Plaice holiday club took place over four days just after Easter.  Centred around the story of Jesus's friend Peter, we learned about some of the events that took place in his life.  We also made balloon-powered cars (to help remember Pentecost), rabbit-shaped sandwiches (to help remember Peter's vision of clean and unclean foods) and exploding canisters (to help remember Ascension).  Everyone had a great week and we rounded it off with some delicious chips.


Following on from last year's success, on 25th January TBC returned to Colditz!  Whereas last year there were three different challenges, this time there was just one: a meandering maze with multiple routes through it.  Although making it through proved easier this time round (thanks in part to fewer chairs to crawl under), we had a lot of fun playing 'cat and mouse' as one person tried to work their way through the maze before their friend caught them.


Holiday Club returns to Bury Parish Church at Christmas, and this time for two days!  This year’s event, A Christmas Gathering, takes place on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd December from 10am to 1pm, and will see a mix of craft and games as we gather together to celebrate Christmas.  It’s open to children of a primary school age (and volunteers of any age), and further details can be found at the back of church or here on the church website.  It’s perfect for children looking for some fun and parents looking to finish off the Christmas shopping in secret!


"What would it be like if we replaced the font with a ball pool?"

Your church needs you!  On Saturday 26th September, we will be running an interactive session in the Kay Room that will look at all the activities that involve children and young people at St Mary's and St Paul's and ask how we can make them even better.  Whether you want to suggest a tweak, a critique or something completely new and unique, this is an opportunity to freely share thoughts, concerns and dreams for children's work and youth work, and I will then spend the next twelve months trying to help those ideas become reality!

Free lunch will be provided from 12:30pm and the session will start at 1:15pm, finishing no later than 3pm.  Anyone is welcome to attend, no matter how young or how old!

If you would be able to come and help by contributing your thoughts, please contact me (by Thursday 17th September if possible) to let me know if you are coming.

Graeme Bigg   |   |   07557 444622


In the final week of July, the Wilson Hall and Church House were abuzz once more as 37 children eager for an expedition signed up to Polar Explorers, this summer's holiday club.  Some came for a day, others for all five, but all had a great time as they made crafts, played games, sang songs, watched dramas and laughed as leaders got pied in the face.  Ethiopian chariots, Holy Spirit headbands, edible polar landscapes and a map of Bury in blizzard conditions were all put together under the expert eye of Dawn Wight, while Stephen Davies oversaw a riotous drama filled with slapstick humour, fake moustaches and more Curly Wurlys than you could shake a stick at.  None of this would have been possible without the 24 teenage and adult volunteers who so freely gave their time and energy, and so a massive thank you to them and to everyone who came!


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If you have any questions, you can contact Graeme Bigg, the Children and Young People's Worker, by phone on 07557 444622 or by E-mail at