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At the start of July 2017, after nearly five years in post, Graeme Bigg moved on to a new job with the Church of England Diocese of Leeds.  Graeme would like to express his deep gratitude towards everyone who has supported the children's work and youth at Bury Parish Church (and St Paul's Church, and in Bury Church of England High School and St Paul's CE Primary School) during his time in post, not least all the children and young people he has had the privilege of working with.  The church will not be employing a Children and Young People's Worker for the timebeing, so please use the following list of contacts for any enquiries:

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts - Ken Bowden on 0161 764 3143

Brownies and Guides - Karen Tomlinson on 07475 360036

Holiday Club - Dawn Wight at or on 07958 701941

Rainbows - Dawn Kenny on 0161 797 6002

TBC Youth - Leaders at or on 07557 444622

Sunday School - Dawn Wight at or on 07958 701941

Youth Café - Marc Murray at or on 07503 728491

Website -  Keith Smith at

Anything else - Church Office at




We're used to having babies at Tiddlers, but they tend to be of the human variety!  However, on Thursday 2nd June, we had baby ducks come to visit, courtesy of Tracy Owen!  The Tiddlers loved watching and holding the ducklings, and we're very grateful to Tracy for bringing them along!



Rocky's Plaice holiday club took place over four days just after Easter.  Centred around the story of Jesus's friend Peter, we learned about some of the events that took place in his life.  We also made balloon-powered cars (to help remember Pentecost), rabbit-shaped sandwiches (to help remember Peter's vision of clean and unclean foods) and exploding canisters (to help remember Ascension).  Everyone had a great week and we rounded it off with some delicious chips.


Following on from last year's success, on 25th January TBC returned to Colditz!  Whereas last year there were three different challenges, this time there was just one: a meandering maze with multiple routes through it.  Although making it through proved easier this time round (thanks in part to fewer chairs to crawl under), we had a lot of fun playing 'cat and mouse' as one person tried to work their way through the maze before their friend caught them.

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If you have any questions, you can contact someone using the list of contacts available here.