The Parochial Church Council (PCC) consists of 31 members and meet roughly 6 times each year. 

The Chairman of the PCC is the Rector, with Diana Hampson holding the position of Vice Chairman. 

There are five sub-committees that report to the PCC;



PCC Minutes - August Meeting

PCC Minutes - June Meeting

PCC Minutes - May Meeting

PCC Minutes - March Meeting


Annual Report to the APCM 2015

End of Year Financial Statement, December 2015


Annual Parochial Church Meeting


The Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) was held on Thursday 28 April 2016 to appoint a new churchwarden and approve the membership of the PCC as well as the list of sidesmen and women.

  • Reports from all areas of church life, its committees, organisations, groups, activities and events were also circulated.
  • Mr Owen Thomas is the new Churchwarden and Mrs Pat Webber will continue as a Churchwarden for a second year. 


All past minutes and other documents are archived here where possible