Graeme Bigg, Children and Young People's Worker, grew up in the town of Radlett, near Watford in south Hertfordshire.  A little confused by life, he spent 18 years in an intense training regime called childhood, at the end of which he finally qualified as an adult. He promptly discovered that adults don’t have much of a clue about life either and so decided to spend more time with young people, comparing their observations of life with his own.  As this was a part-time endeavour, Graeme also spent some time doing a gap year with Youth For Christ, studying for a degree in Theology at the University of Hull, followed by doing another gap year, this time with York Schools and Youth Trust, followed by completing his degree in Theology, at the University of Chester.  Passing up on the option of escaping to the Los Angeles underground, Graeme decided to investigate his potential as a professional youth worker and took on the role of Bury Parish Church’s Children and Young People’s Worker in September 2012.

Graeme’s work with young people has seen him volunteer at a variety of events, including a lock-in at St Albans Abbey, the 21st World Scout Jamboree, holiday clubs and camps both large and small, the Spring Harvest and Soul Survivor conferences, Fort Rocky weekends and a county centenary Guide camp.

Aside from working with young people, Graeme enjoys playing rugby, watching films and keeping up with current affairs, while dislikes include eating meat and having to talk about himself in the third person.

For further information on the work that Graeme does, please visit the Children & Young People page, or the contacts page.