Friday Lunchtime Concert

Summer Break


The new season will begin with Phillip McCann (Cornet) and Simon Lindley (Organ) on the 8th September.


Our concerts usually begin at 12.30pm. Tickets for the concerts are £5* and are available on the door. 

We regret that we no longer offer a lunch before the concert. Here is a message from Elisabeth Sykes explaining why:

Due to the dwindling number of customers and the difficulty in finding volunteers we regret that the lunches prior to the Friday concerts will no longer be available.  We would like to thank our supporters past and present and I wish to thank those ladies who in the past and at the present time have given freely of their time in preparing the lunches, not to mention those who have set up and taken down the chairs and tables. Thank you everyone. We hope you will continue to support the concerts which resume on September 8th.

Elisabeth Sykes

The church and its shop/café (The House on The Rock) are also open all day, so you are welcome to browse amongst books, cards, gifts and CDs or enjoy light refreshments before or after the concert.




Forthcoming concerts:

  • Break for Summer

  • 8th Sept. Phillip McCann (cornet) & Simon Lindley (organ) 

  • 15th Sept. Alexander Mitchell (Viola)

  • 22nd Sept. Tom Evans (Trio Volant) - clarinet, oboe & bassoon

  • 29th Sept. James Girling (guitarist)

  • 6th Oct. Melia Duo, a saxophone and percussion (Hannah Fry and Alex)

  • 13th Oct. The Kell Wind Trio

  • 20th Oct.  Rachel Johnson (flute) & Jemima Palfreyman (piano)



Many of our artists return each year to perform for us, however we are always interested in hearing from new talented musicians. 

If you would like the opportunity, please send a short CV and contact details (address, phone and email) to the Marc Murray, Director of Music

We are able to pay a modest fee to those who perform.


*Admission is normally £5.00, but occasionally this may be increased for a particular concert. Pay at the door and get a programme of the music, biographical details of the performers and advance notice of future concerts.