St. Paul's Church


Bury Parish Church and St. Paul's Church are held in plurality, and are led in ministry by the Rector of Bury with the help of the Associate Rector.

St Paul’s Church meets in the hall of St Paul’s Primary School. We are currently negotiating a church-in-school agreement with the school leadership to standardise the position between the diocese and the authority.

The style of worship at St Paul’s reflects the importance we place on hearing God’s word and sharing communion together as his people. The services are generally structured and relaxed! There are regular parish communion services held at 11:00am each Sunday with Sunday School, except for the 2nd Sunday in the month, when there is  a Parade Service.

Our congregation is both local and international. Our youngest worshiper is about 2, and our eldest in their eighties. We have transient worshipers as well as those who have worshiped their whole lives at St Paul’s. Most worshipers are gathered from the immediate locale, with some travelling from outside the parish.



Our aim in mission is to grow in faith and numbers.

At the moment the congregation can be small in number, but all are good, faithful and enjoy
good fellowship.
St. Paul’s would like to share what we have with others and pride themselves on being welcoming,
friendly and helpful.
With young families (who are a joy), middle aged and older people, they are a mixed bunch of
parishioners happy to come together to worship God.