The Mothers' Union Letter

We held a New to You clothes sale at St Paul’s School which raised over £60 for school funds. Thank you to all who donated items and also to the ladies who gave their time and energy to help on the day. The money raised will go towards transport for the Children’s School trips. The next sale will probably be in July at the School Summer Fair.

I have had an appeal from St Paul’s for volunteers to help the children develop their reading skills. This would mean listening and encouraging the child but it also needs commitment for weekly or fortnightly attendance.  Please give it some thought as reading is one of the most important skills a child needs.

Also each year, Yr 6 are taken on a special trip to Blackpool and to fund this they are encouraged to make things to sell. If anyone can offer ideas of small craft items easy to make or if you can donate anything they would be very grateful. The Children have little time as they are busy with final year exams so would very much appreciate any help and ideas. I have suggested we provide cakes on an agreed day to help.

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