Revd Dr Sheila Beattie was ordained priest - A Joyous Occasion

It seems like only yesterday since I was writing about my ordination to being a deacon. The year has certainly flown by! They say that time flies when you are having fun and, looking back, I have certainly enjoyed my first year of curacy.

As ordination to priesthood approached, I must confess that I did have reservations, doubts about worthiness. Perhaps I should take what appeared to be the easier option – to simply remain a deacon. Despite these reservations, God kept nudging me as God seems prone to do.

Taking advantage of being on retreat prior to the ordination, I took the opportunity to do some reading. In doing so, I came across a reminder to the effect that priesthood was a joyous and fantastic privilege; when Jesus ate and drank with tax collectors and prostitutes, it was not a duty. It was utter delight in their company, in their very being. When Jesus touched the untouchable, it was not a clinical gesture, but the hug of joy. And what better role model can we have than Jesus himself. This made me realise that focussing on my anxieties was all about self when instead I should be looking forward with excitement to sharing the love and joy of our Lord.

It was lovely to share the celebration of both the Ordination Service and the presiding at my first Eucharist in June with so many of you. You have all played a part in the journey so far, so it feels right that we should be embarking on the next stage together!

With every blessing