All Souls – Fabric Material

We all have favourite clothes, things we love to wear, that make us feel good, that remind us of people and events. I have a number of jackets and waistcoats that were my father’s. I love to wear them as they physically remind me of him. You will possibly have your own item or two that connects you with your loved ones.

On All Saints/All Souls Sunday (3 November) we would like to put up a drop on which pieces of cloth which you have given us will be sown. These pieces of cloth may be from the actual clothing worn by someone or may be a token, a visual reminder, of him/her.

If you would like to offer us material, here is the way to do it.

  • Any cloth, pre-cut, to approx. 6” x 3”.

  • One piece per person you would like remembered.

  • Place this in an envelope and write FOR ALL SOULS on the outside.

  • Leave this with the Wardens/Sidespeople at the back of church.

  • Please note that we will NOT be able to return material.

  • We need the material by Sunday 13 October.

Mission Action Planning.

When we prepared our MAP, we had to set out some specific actions we are going to take to nudge our life forward. Over the next few months, we will be looking at these. One of our ambitions is to increase our sense of community

Cake, Coffee and Conversation

1st September

After the service on a Sunday, we are encouraging folks to come and sit and chat. On the first Sunday of the month, we are inviting people to bring some cake. If you would like to contribute, can you let Pat Webber know. Please do this, so we are not swamped one month and left hungry the next!! This starts on 1st September.

Bury 10K

Even though this event takes place accross Bury on Sunday, 15th September, we are open for business as usual. There are parking restrictions around Bury, but our parking facilities are operational. Bolton Street has access to the Parish Church.